The Center for Positive Living

Letter 1

Dear Student,

I am writing You a Love Letter. I am inspired to do this because I have such admiration and respect for your generation. You are facing a far different world than we were at your age. You see, I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder during the time of the Vietnam War. I participated in the Candlelight Vigil that was held on the campus to end the war. Many of us certainly believed in Make Love not War!! It was quite a time. We were naive, the times were dark and very dense, but somehow we heard the call of LOVE and we acted on that. This message of LOVE, of PEACE came through some very Great Souls, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and many others. They are still here in Spirit and they are very much Alive inside our Hearts.

Most recently, I have been having conversations with students from colleges all across the United States. Talking with you has been most enlightening. I am relieved, hopeful and quite impressed with all of you. From what I can tell, so many of You are far more Aware than we were and far more Advanced. I feel so very Positive and so very Grateful that You are Here walking with us during this time of Great Awakening on our Planet. I thought it might be helpful for You to hear more about this, because these are very important times for Mother Earth and Her Humanity. Many agree it is our Eleventh Hour, no one knows how it will play out and that is because everything is changing moment to moment. The choices each of us are making...Now and Now and Now...will ultimately determine whether or not we are actually able to live a long and healthy life on our Beautiful Earth.<

So this is a Love Letter from my Heart to Yours. Just in case you have not been told, I feel I must reassure You, All of You, that You Are Loved, You Do Matter, There is No One exactly like You, Every One of You is Unique and Most Perfect and You are Never Alone. And maybe most importantly, You are Connected with one another, All of Life is Connected, We are All part of the One. We are Family, every one of us on this Earth, and it is time to begin treating ourselves and each other with Respect and Love. Maybe you can begin this today, right on your campus. Maybe start by smiling and looking into the eyes of a student you haven't met yet. Make the connection, they are your Family of will feel better and so will they. If you are the one receiving someone's smile, please smile back, honoring the courage it takes to extend oneself. You might not know that in doing this, you may be saving a life, because I assure you, there are many who walk on your campus who are depressed, lonely and afraid. It does not have to be this way. You can make a choice to smile at someone today.

Yes, it is a time for Action, to do what is Right and True. To be able to take Right and True Action, one must know oneself and one's Soul Purpose. This is to be found by turning within, quieting your mind as best you can and Listening. This takes a little time and practice. I will be happy to give you some simple practices in another Letter if you wish. For now let's see if I can point you to some "Clues" so you will be able to get to know more of your Soul Purpose, Your Special Gifts. Because to know your True Self in this way transforms your life into Pure Joy and the Highest Happiness.

First, I wish to make something clear. I am not here to tell you what to do. Every One of You is a Great Soul. So when you ask yourself, "Who Am I?", "What Am I Here For?", "What Is My Soul Purpose?", let me assure you, All of the answers you are searching for are already inside Your Self. Now this is your True Self, Your Real Self, not your conditioned mind. Everything is inside of You. All that is pouring through me to you is for the simple purpose of activating what has been dormant within you. You might look at this Love Letter as a kind of "jump start", an energy transmission that begins to wake you up to what has been there all along. The Good News is Everything you need to know about yourself is coded in your very DNA!! What I find so exciting about You is that You are so different than we were at your age, your very brain capacity is so amazing!!

Each one of You has a special part to play in creating the New Earth. Yes, Each One of You Matters. There are no mistakes. Let me repeat this, THERE ARE NO MISTAKES, anywhere, at any time. From my perspective, the sooner All of you are "up and running" on your Soul Purpose, the better. We really need You!! And, the way things look now... the condition of our Environment, the lack of Love and Kindness toward each other, so much pain and suffering, we just don't have much time left to turn things around. Thank You, Dear Student, Thank You for Being Here. You are most dearly LOVED.

This leads me to my deepest and most sincere apology to You, Dear Student. Here you are at college and you want to party and have lots of fun, and I am saying, "I don't know, I just do not you think you really have a lot of time for this right now, given the critical situation we find ourselves in on this Earth?" It is Your Choice. How you spend the precious moments of Your Day is Your Choice. This I do know, You will never get this Day back. I know many of you are with me on this, because you have told me that you do see a change on your campus. In fact, many of You are choosing to party less and focus more on making a career choice that will benefit our Planet. I applaud All of You and I am so very Grateful to You for your Willingness to Act on the "Call for Help" from our dear Mother Earth. The Key here is going to be finding out about Your Right and True Action, because to be truly effective, this must come from Your Highest LOVE and Your Highest TRUTH.

Right here and now let me invite You to the Real Party that is going on. Let's really have some FUN!! Everyone is invited to this Party!! This is the Party that never ends, it is going on All the time within each one of us, it is the Happiness of our True Nature and it feels like Bliss. It is my sincere wish for All of You to Awaken to Your True Self and experience this Bliss!! I am Smiling at You, right now, Dear Student. Please pause for a moment and breathe deeply, just relax and breathe in the Warmth, the Love, the Joy, the Bliss that is pouring through my Heart to Yours. All is Well. You are a Sweet Heart!!

When you are on Your Soul Purpose, you will feel this inner Bliss all the time, so let's look at a couple of Clues that will get your process started. I would suggest you begin to contemplate what you were like as a little child. Because when you were born, you did know your True Self, before lots of conditioning took place by your parents, your teachers, society, and so many other influences. It is a very worthy investigation to find out as much as you can about what was unique about you, your personality, your likes and dislikes, the play time activities you loved the most. Maybe call your parents, aunts, uncles and ask them what they observed about You. Find out what is Unique and Special about your very Self. These qualities and gifts that you demonstrated as a little child will point to your most meaningful career path now.

Your next Clue will be revealed by just starting to write a list that includes anything that makes you Happy. Your mind will probably resist this a bit...minds don't know much about Happiness or our True it might be easier to simply feel into your Heart for this. Just Go For It, Flow With It and write down everything your Heart Desires and everything that gives you a sense of Purpose and Fulfillment. This is Your Life and Your Happiness Matters!! You are in for some very Happy Surprises here and this process will begin activating your True Nature, which is Happiness. Just give it a whirl, you will see, Happiness feels Good, you will feel yourself becoming more full of Light!!

I am thoroughly enjoying writing this Love Letter to You, Dear Student, and I feel several more letters ready to pour through my Heart to Yours. We will do some simple yet very powerful practices to quiet your mind and connect and feel more deeply into your True Self. To know through your own Direct Experience the INFINITE LOVE and the way It knows how to LOVE You is most awesome. There are no words for this, it must be experienced directly

It would be fun to do a Love Letter I would call "Manifestation 101"!! The "worry" about money is so very boring and so very unnecessary, wouldn't you agree? There are basic principles that really work. It is just a matter of connection. The very nature of LOVE is to give generously. Abundance simply may not be able to find you, but we can correct that!!

We are talking about creating a New Earth, here, so future topics are "The New Man, How to Recognize the Awakened Man" and "The New Woman, How to Recognize the Awakened Woman". And how about "The New Marriage, A Very Creative, Passionate and Sacred Union of True Love and Devotion". I would also love to talk with you about "Everyday Magic and Miracles".

Well, Dear Student, I am sending You so much LOVE and so much JOY. It is an Honor to meet You, Great Soul. I See You and I Appreciate You. Isn't it the Greatest Good Fortune that You are Here and I am Here? Together our LOVE will call in more LIGHT to heal the Hearts of All Humanity, All Life on our Blessed Mother Earth.

I am Smiling right now at You. Will you please Smile today into the eyes of someone on your campus whose name you don't know yet? Your Smile is so Beautiful. Your Smile is LOVE. We are creating a FAMILY of LOVE right here, right now!!

With Great Respect and Love to Each and Every One of You,

Letter 2

Dear Student,

How are You, today? Are You Happy? I wish for Your Every Happiness. I wish for You to know how very dearly You Are Loved and how very profoundly You Are Respected, just for Being here. I wish for You to hold your head high as You walk on your campus today because You are a Great Soul. I wish for You to Smile. It is so very easy to Smile. You will feel so good. Please, just turn up the corners of Your mouth, and Smile. Don't You feel better? Doesn't Your brain feel better? You will notice that You can think so much more clearly and that Your thoughts become very Happy and Positive. You will find yourself wishing this for Everyone because they are Your Family of LOVE. It will be so natural to share Your Beautiful Smile with Your New Friend, the one You'll meet today. Your day is going to be most wonderful. You will see. Together we will practice this and Your entire Life will be transformed. I am so very Happy that You are Here. I am smiling at You right now. Our Beautiful Mother Earth is so very Happy that You are Here. She is smiling at You right now. You Are Appreciated and You Do Matter. So when I ask You, How Are You, today? Are You Happy? these are not just words for your intellect, these are not just pleasantries to pass the time. These words emanate from the deep Silence of Pure LOVE that is pouring from my Heart to Yours.

It has just occurred to me that maybe You are wondering why I am writing You these Love Letters. I have no idea, really. Does LOVE need a reason to LOVE? LOVE just IS. The only logical reason I can give You is that my own journey to discover this LOVE, has taken so long, has been so very arduous, it is truly a JOY to help speed up Your Journey. I feel this is possible with my whole Heart and Soul, so Here I am!! The time is simply right. It can happen for You now, while You are still quite young, right here and now on your college campus, You can become very Happy, very Light, very Free. Why not know Your True Self now? Then You will be enjoying and creating a Delightful Life, rather quickly, You will see! We are a Family of LOVE. You will benefit, I will benefit, Everyone on this Earth will benefit. Really though, I have no reason. You will discover that Everything happens quite naturally when You are in LOVE.

Let's pause for a moment and see if we can be with this Silence, so that You will actually feel this LOVE within Your Sweet Heart. I invite You to simply slow down for just a moment and to focus on Your breathing, Your in-breath and Your out-breath. Breathe deeply, breathe in the oxygen from the air, and enjoy a long, slow in-breath, gently filling your lungs. See if You can breathe the oxygen down a little further into Your belly. Then slowly begin to let the breath go, enjoying fully the exhalation, letting go, letting go. Then breathe in a brand new breath and enjoy, enjoy, breathe in as much as you would like. Then slowly letting go again through the out-breath. Taking your time, please continue for about ten more in-breaths and out-breaths. You can do this today while You sit in Your classes, and You will feel so refreshed and renewed. You can do this throughout every day. Your brain will think more clearly and Your body will feel more relaxed and more energized.

As You practice this Roll Breathing, which is also called Belly Breathing, expect profound changes to take place on every level of Your Life. Your body, Your mind and Your emotions will benefit. You will begin to feel much more Peaceful and Happy. Eventually, the greatest Gift will come. You will begin to sense the Presence of LOVE within Your very Self. This LOVE has always been there in the deep Silence of Your Heart. Peace, Bliss, Joy, this is the Ultimate Happiness. We do everything for Happiness, don't we? I so wish for You to discover the Happiness that is Always inside of You right here and now.

Keep going, Dear Student, Keep going. Never give up. Never give up. One Breath at a time. Just One Breath at a time. You will see. Your whole Life will change for the better. Please Smile and make a New Friend today. Your Smile is so Beautiful. You are so Beautiful. We are Most Fortunate that You are Here. Together we will create a Family of LOVE on our Dear Mother Earth. I Wish You Every Happiness.

With Great Respect and Love to Each and Every One of You,

Portland, Oregon